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Online Training Tools

Learning how to do online marketing has taken a lot of time and effort on my part.

But that shouldn't stop you from learning how to do it.  It's a skill that will be required for many years into the future and it's not too late to learn.

Watch this video, or read the transcript below for more information.  

It's worth your time. I promise you.

To learn more CLICK HERE  A few minutes that may change your life.

Transcript of video

Hi, everybody, my name is Judy and I’m here to talk to you about this program called Aussie Online Entrepreneurs. I’m not entirely agnostic; I do use the program, so I’m not just talking through my hat here. It’s a program that will teach you how to sell on Amazon but of course, selling on Amazon is just like selling on eBay, so it’s got its quirks, but it’s not just about the one thing. What you learn in this course, you can apply all over the Internet, so that’s a useful thing.


The second thing is I would say that in this time of coronavirus where things are so uncertain, I think it would be a useful thing to spend your time learning something that could potentially earn you a supplementary income or indeed replace the now non-existent income that you have from your day job. In Amazon, it’s not as popular in Australia as it is in other places around the world – eBay is king here. eBay probably gets three to four times the traffic that Amazon does, but Amazon is closing fast on that. Amazon will catch up and they have got very deep pockets and they play a very long game, so I wouldn’t worry about going on Amazon as opposed to eBay but indeed this program encourages you to do both.


So, let’s talk about the program itself. Now, if you don’t know anything about the Internet except how to use it, that’s okay. Internet and selling on the Internet is like a very fast-moving stream and it is always changing and there are always new strategies, and the thing about it is that you just have to step into it. It’s not beyond you; millions of people do it. You just have to take the time to learn what you need to learn. Now here, you’ve got eight modules of basic learning and each of the modules is made up between, I’d say 10 and 20 videos each. Some of them are very short, some of them are only five minutes. Some of them are 30 minutes, so there’s quite a bit of material to get through and it takes time, it takes time to get through it, but by golly, the stuff in there is gold!


Now, this is Neil Asher, he is the principal of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs and he is always accessible, so it’s pretty useful. So, it talks about the keywords as I’ve said. This one is, what, this is eight minutes long. This one’s about the tools, that was 12 minutes long. The tools that I have learned using this program are absolutely incredible, and I got to tell you: I have done a lot of training online, I really have, and I’ve never been this deep into something. It’s just really tremendous and you can go as deep as you want or skate across the top, but you know, you’re going to learn stuff that no one else will teach you.


The other thing that they have is a bonus training section. This is all free. This is stuff, these are additional videos on how to do particular things that will help you increase your income, so that’s very useful. Every week, there is a one-hour session every Monday night. It’s a live forum with Neil Asher who is the principal, and he will give you the goods, he basically answers questions, gives you information on what’s changing in Amazon – anything like that, and then you get into the advanced training. The advanced training is stuff that is additional cost, but you can get one-on-one coaching, you can get advanced inner circle which is basically you get into the guts of Amazon and how it works and how to take advantage of that. Diamond level is having a coach. Bundling Success is how to differentiate your product from everything else. So, there’s a whole range of things there that are terrific. Now, if that’s not enough, there’s also a closed membership-only page on Facebook and it has, as you can see here, over 2,000 members, and those people ranging from newbies to very experienced people, very successful people, and any one of those people, when you ask a question on this forum and they will answer you and give you guidance, plus there’s a whole bunch of stuff over here: files, events if there’s a get together, there’s files on things that you might come across or that aren’t in the training that people have already answered or found really good resources. So, the stuff is really terrific. I got to tell you, I have, as I said, I’ve done a lot of training and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen.


One of the things that you’ll find that is almost universal with online training courses is that they want you to pay upfront and they want you to be committed. They’ll dangle this carrot and they’ll say, “These riches could be yours; don’t you want to buy a Porsche?” things like that, and that’s not really realistic for everybody. I have seen people charge anything from $1500 to $7000 and leave people weeping in their wake. This isn’t like that. You get the first month absolutely free, so you can make your way through the program. You can have a look around, search out everything that’s of interest, and then decide if it’s for you. If it’s not for you, you just sign out, let them know that’s not for you, and you part ways. If it is for you, your subscription, you subscribe for just $77 a month. Now, that’s a really good value, I think, because it would take you, what? 10 years to get that original $7000 – anyway, it doesn’t matter. If in these strange times that you can’t afford that even though it is a real investment in your future, partner up with someone, get your best buddy involved, pool your resources, make it a family project, make it a friend project, make it, you know, get on board with it because now more than ever, you need to invest in yourself, you need to invest in your own capability to get beyond the single-wage income stream and this is the best use of the time that I can imagine you doing. So, invest in yourself, it’s real gold.

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